Professional tiller G14

The tiller G14 is a proffesional tiller because of its transmission builded exclusively from conical and cylindrical gears and speciacial reliability giving the oportunity of doing continous works.It is made for grounding,maintanance and harvesting and it is well suited for the small farmers.
Motosapa G14

Motosapa G14

Optional equipment:

  • double row seeder machine with interchangeable discs distribution to ensure a very wide range sowing seeds
  • furrow opener
  • weeding equipment
  • centrifugal pump
  • potato plough
  • sprayer and spraying equipment in vineyards and orchards ( tank capacity 200 liters )
  • single shovel plough
  • tractor trailer payload of up to 300-500 Kg
  • driving-wheel truk with plough-handle up until 750kg
  • cleaning blade snow.



Motosapa G14 Motosapa G14 Motosapa G14 Motosapa G94
Motosapa G14 Motosapa G14 Motosapa G14 Motosapa G14

Tehnical specifications – Tiller G14

Engine Diesel 10 -12 Hp
Cooling With air
Starting Manually or electrically (in order)
Air filter With oil bath
Clutch Cone
Transmission Gears in oil bath
Gears box 3 forward and 1 reverse speeds
Cutter width of work Diameter 34,5 cm
Standard width of work 110 cm; Adjustable width of work 51 cm
Average Productivity Digging 0,3 ha/h
Fuel consumption Average 1,3 L/h