Spraying and herbicide Systems MS2

Masina de stropit si erbicidat MS2

Masina de stropit si erbicidat MS2

The spraying and herbicide machine MS2 consists of chassis, clutch rod, tank for the spraying solution, tires 400×8, brake system, spraying system, frame for the spraying system and reduction pump.

It is used in the following situations:

  • spraying vineyards
  • spraying classic and intensive orchards
  • spraying cultures of bushes, nurseries
  • spraying technical plants
  • herbicide and liquid compost spreading for various cultures


  • with the help of the two spades it sprays on rows or it herbicides
  • with the handheld spade for the individual spraying (autonomy operator as opposed to the amchine -10 m

Spraying accessories:

    • 2 spades with 3 nozzles
    • 2 spades with 5 nozzles
    • 1 handheld spade

Capacity of the tak for the fluid = 200 l

Pump characteristics:

      • type: 25 VF
      • Rotation:540 speeds/minute
      • Maximum debit: 25l/min
      • Maximum pressure: 20 bars
      • Functioning: from the independent socket of the tiller

Working parameters:

      • Quantity of distributed liquid: 200-1000 l/ha
      • Working speed: 3-5 km/h
      • Working speed upon transport: 10 km.h


      • wineyards and orchards spraying: 0.45-1.45 ha/h
      • herbicides in the field: 2.25 – 2.85 l/h