Mower moter MMC 622

MMC 622 is for mowing on agricultural land usually relatively small surfaces.

It is a reversible machine can work in both directions (with front and back) so fulfilling option to work mainly with both mowing equipment and other devices that require their positioning in the back (turning, plow, trailer, etc.) . The existence of multiple speeds ensure a better correlation between forward speed and density crop.

Mower motor MMC 622

Motocositoarea MMC 622


Optional accesories:

  • Cutter with work width of 45-55cm
  • Milling snow
  • Mechanical broom
  • Rotary cutting equipment grass


Technical specifications – mower motor MMC622

Possible motorisations Engines gasoline 6 – 8 hp
Diesel de 5 -6 hp
Cooling With air
Starting (demaror) Manually or electrically (at order)
Filter air Dry or oil
Clutch Conical in oil bath
Transmission With gears and worm / worm gear in oil bath
Gears 2 fowrward and 2 backward
The power take 1 independent
Max speed 4.00 X 8 wheeled mower version 3,69 Km/h
Cutting Equipment With fingers (semifita) with standard working width 90-100 cm
Average productivity 0,25 ha/h mowing
Fuel consumption Average 1,1 – 1,2 l/ora