Tractor WIN 254

The WIN-254 tractor is a medium-sized, multifunctional wheeled agricultural tractor. It has advantages such as: compact structure, easy control, easy steering, high traction, convenient service and maintenance. If equipped with suitable accessories, it can perform tasks such as plowing, sowing, harvesting and milling the soil. If equipped with a trailer, it can carry out transport operations for agricultural purposes, but it must be ensured that the mass ratio of the trailer / towing vehicle (the ratio between the total mass of the trailer and the total mass of the tractor) must create a perfect balance. Use of this tractor for other operations is not recommended.



Technical parameters Tractor WIN 254           U.M.           Valoare
        Drive type                             4×4
       Engine power             Kw              18,4
            CP              25
       Dimension  Length including lift            mm      3046
 Width      1440
 Height (at the top of the exshaust pipe)      1820
      Wheelbase            mm      1606
 Gauge  front tire   mm  1200
 rear tire  960-1300
 distance from the ground  minimum distance (at the level of the front axle drain plug)/strong>   mm  270
 minimum agricultural distance (at the minimum level of the front planetary housing)td>

 Tyre  front 6,0-16
rear 9,5-24
Speed Range (4+1)X 2
Sistem de direcție Direction system
Three-point lifting mechanism cat.I
Power socket, diam.35mm, 6 channels, 2 gears 540 and 740 rpm respectively
Filling capacity water radiator l 7
fuel tank 21
engine oil bath 3,5
tractor transmission 22
front drive shaft 9
Motor model KM385BT
number of cylinders pcs. 3
cylinder diameter/cursa mm 85/90
cilindrical capacity l 1,53
compression 6/1
power Kw 18,4
Rated RMP rot./min. 2350
Maximum diesel consumption gr./kwh 238
gr./Cph 180
Attached standard equipment  tiller                          -working width mm 1400
plow with three bodies   -working width mm 600
  tipper trailer -capacity tone 1,5
Other attachments

any machine (garlic / onion seeders, reversible plow, hoe, mower, etc.) that does not exceed a requirement of more than 25HP and has a coupling system cat.b>